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Dream Bigger - Preventing Violence against Women & Children

We want to remind everyone about a local nonprofit charitable corporation whose focus is on "Preventing Violence against Women & Children". Laurie started DREAM BIGGER to assist women and children affected by family violence through financial, educational and career coaching, and other means. Many of these women don't fit into the typical mold for services already available in the community. They may experience overwhelming demands due to court proceedings, trying to figure out how to pay bills and feed, house and clothe their children. They may be your neighbor living with an abuser who is a professional in the community that has threatened more violence if the situation were made known. The focus of this nonprofit is for the assistance given to aid the victims towards a positive long term outcome rather than just immediate temporary shelter.

There are several ways to offer your assistance which can be found on their website. If you would like to make cash donations or give gift cards any time throughout the year, you can drop them off at 432 W Bakerview Road Suite 101 and we'll make sure they are delivered to Dream Bigger.

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